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Your Ultimate Urban Garden Spring Checklist

With the growing season slowly kicking into full gear, we're excited to get growing too! The weather is still a bit tricky, but as plant people, we can almost hear the seeds popping into sprouts, and the buds on the trees bursting into blossoms. How can you bring all this spring excitement into your own plant jungle? While you dream of your plants getting their yearly growth spur, here's our urban-jungle-proof spring checklist to keep you sane. Thank us later, read now!

Urban Garden Spring Checklist:

1. Remove dead leaves & prune back branches: keep it neat & clean

2. Re-pot your plants: refresh soil or upgrade to a bigger pot!

Tip: did you know that the fertiliser in most brands of potting soil is only releasing nutrients for your plants for 60-120 days? You can re-pot your plant or mix the soil with fertiliser to keep it yummy for your plants.

3. Start a new indoor spring project: check out some of our ideas below to get as excited as we are!
  • Start your indoor herb garden: now or never! It’s small, easy to do, and delicious in your dishes

  • Grow sprouts: it's healthy and a fantastic superfood, easily added to smoothies and salads

  • Early bloomer bulbs indoors: it's the seasonal home decor! Try daffodils or hyacinths in a vase or a funky pot

  • Propagate succulents: the best time to make more from your favourite succulent!

If you have a balcony:

  • Plant early blooming, cold durable annuals: snapdragons, petunias, lobelia, and viola bring lovely colours to your pots

  • Plant early growing veggies: spinach, peas and beets are great to start right now

  • Start seeds indoors for balcony garden or backyard: get a headstart on growing those yummy, fresh veggies by starting them indoors so they are ready to move outside by the time the weather catches up with our spring mood!

4. Pick out new pots for the freshly planted plants

New spring = new pots for your plants! Upgrade the size of your pot or give your plants a bit more attitude with facepots like our Patty or Lya!

That’s it! Are you excited to get this growing season started? Don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty with spring plant activities! Yes, pun intended.

Written by Andrea Marki


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