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The Exquisite Ceramic Process Behind Portuguese Pottery

Updated: Sep 30

Some things pop to mind when you think of Portugal – sunny weather, Port wine and an unwinding surf coast. But did you know Portugal is also known as ceramic paradise? Tucked amongst coastlines and popular cities you’ll find Caldas de Rainha – the unofficial capital of Portuguese ceramics and pottery. That’s where our Naso pothead is born. We’d like to bring you on a little journey with us on how Portuguese ceramics made a name for themselves and how much work is put into our artisanal everyday objects. ‍ A Brief History on Portuguese Ceramic With its abundance of clay deposits, people in Caldas de Rainha have been making earthenware since neolithic times. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro along with a small team of artisans succeeded in making decorative ceramics an art form in Portugal, boosting the country’s ceramic reputation. Today, Portugese pottery still stays true to Rafael’s principles to combine artistic quality with industrial production. ‍

The Pottery Process When it comes to producing ceramics in Portugal, it is mainly family-run business where most processes are done by hand. Take our Naso planter for example, first raw clay is mixed with water and oxide substances to form a liquid clay. The clay is then poured into the moulds and then hand-trimmed from any excess. Once dry, Naso is off to the kiln for firing at 1,830 degrees celcius and then glazed to make him more resistant. After that he goes back into the kiln to remain for around 12-18 hours before he comes out ready to be packaged for your green friends! ‍

Our ceramics from Portugal In the age of mass shopping and factories, we often overlook how our possessions are made. Portuguese ceramics are practically artisanal and Plant Potheads is proud to be a part of the exquisite and beautiful world of Portuguese pottery. ‍ We work with responsible suppliers to ensure materials are sourced locally. Check out our Naso plant pot made right in the heart of Portugal’s ceramic paradise. He makes a great kitchen buddy to your herbs or a home for your favourite houseplant.

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