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5 Practical Ideas for a Small Space Urban Jungle

Got small space but you want to buy more plants? That gorgeous monstera you saw on your favorite Instagram. That cute pancake plant that your coworker had in her huge, well lit kitchen you secretly want to bake pancakes in. The yucca that is sharing a room with a designer floor lamp. Speaking of floor and room - who even has that? Don't worry, we got you - regardless of a small space, there is always somewhere you can put more plants.

So for some reason you are blessed with the tiniest of spaces for your beloved plants. Big boo. So what if you made the best of it? You don’t need to be a handyman or professional landscaper for any of these ideas. Or you know, if you happen to be one, that’s cool too. Let’s talk plants!

1. The bathroom nook

Alright, so it's not the most glamorous place in the house. We get it. But if your bathroom has a window, chances are that there are plants that would love to share some humid moments with you! You may spot this nook by your windowsill. Perhaps a convenient shower curtain rod that you can hang a basket from? Maybe some air plants in it, or a fern - if you have good light, tropical plants like orchids and bromeliads also make a great company for your morning routine.

2. The kitchen window

A timeless classic - retro, if you prefer. The perfect blend of small space plant friend and culinary companion. What a deal! You can choose a small pot or jar, and grow your own herbs from seed, or get an established plant to lend you a leaf or two. Our Naso face planter is the perfect kitchen buddy to allow for basil for those delicious Italian dinners, mint for the hot summer lemonades or some classics such as parsley or chives.

3. The hanging basket

You absolutely have no space anywhere. We hear you. How about your ceiling? Chances are, you have a lonely lamp residing up there. With just a few hanging hooks from your local craft store or builders market you can utilize airspace! Cooler than your Dad’s sci fi comics. Once you look, you will want to hang plants everywhere. The edge of your clothing rack, heating pipe, curtain rod. You are welcome.

4. The (home) office

Say, your exam-taking years might be behind you. Maybe you are working from home, or in an office. We probably have another desk situation. Whatever happened to the 90’s cubicles anyway? All that possible plant space, transformed into open offices. But hey, good news - your desk is probably the most common place to put a plant on. So no weird looks from your plant-free coworkers when you waltz in with a huge terracotta pot, cradling your monstera. Win!

5. The balcony paradise

If you have a balcony - no matter how small - count yourself lucky! Your options are about as endless as your excitement. You can low-key grow your own food there, make your neighbor jealous with your bee-friendly flowers, or hang a basket of golden pothos into the corner and call it a day. Maybe you just decide to make an impromptu beach party by dipping your feet in a bucket of water and catching some sun with your plant besties. It's all game!

So you see, there are endless possibilities to fit a plant in regardless of the size of your space. Where there is a will, there is a way, right? Somehow the more plants you get, the more places you see to put plants at. That is just how it goes, embrace it!

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Written by Andrea Marki


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