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Plant Potheads

The 3 Stages of Your Urban Jungle Manifestation

If you have more than 3 houseplants around your living space, congrats you’re part of the urban jungle club! Growing an indoor garden is quite the adventure and is an ever-evolving journey. But you know what they say – the journey matters more than the destination! Here are the three stages you’ll experience when manifesting your urban jungle.

Stage 1: Urban Jungle Newbie

Your urban jungle might start with a few hard-to-kill plants such as the spider plant or peace lilies. At this point, they are more for decoration purposes than your undying love for your houseplants.

Stage 2: Jungle vibes

You finally understand this whole plant obsession and start acquiring more plants. With more plants comes comes more pot shopping and re-organisation of where they are displayed in your home. Maybe you go for the classic #plantshelfie or a hanging jungle. With you being more deeply rooted in your plants, propagation may be something you want to experiment with as well!

Stage 3: Plant Human

You and your plants are now living in symbiosis – a relationship where you take care of your plants and they take care of you. At this point, you’ve stopped counting how many green friends you have but you know the attitude, likes and dislikes of each and single one of them. Which one is always thirsty, which one prefers more sun or which one is high maintenance. Your house styling revolves around your plants and you now have a fully fledged indoor jungle.

We hope you will enjoy filling your home with plants as much as we do. For more tips on upgrading your urban jungle, subscribe to our newsletter here.

Let us know which stage of building your urban jungle you are in:

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