You’ve got plants.
We’ve got pots to give them attitude.

We are here to up your #plantshelfie game.

Our mission is to bring nature indoors with pots of all sizes for your favourite houseplants.

Our story

Living amongst nature

In today’s urbanised society, we live a busy digital life that is distancing us from nature. Plant Potheads is here to help reconnect people back to nature through building their indoor garden.

We started from a leafy love affair with our houseplants. We love the feeling of a new leaf unfurling from a monstera or when roots shoot out from the pilea we’ve been propagating.

Through caring for our urban jungle, we came to realise that different plants have different characteristics and attitudes. This sparked the idea of giving a face to our green friends!

Our pots

Designed in Amsterdam, crafted in Portugal

Our pots are personally designed by us having been living in the hustle of Amsterdam and the creative Dutch Design we are surrounded by.

We work with local crafters in Portugal to ensure materials are sourced naturally and handmade with love. We value the uniqueness and artisanal craftsmanship in our products. That’s why no two pots are exactly the same!