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Plant Potheads

Welcome to the pothead clan

Ceramic plant pots with an attitude!  Hand-crafted and shipped to your front door.

A leafy love affair

Our potheads upgrades your urban jungle!


 Our clay is obtained from the Portuguese mountains and is 100% recyclable.

Rich in History

Ceramics are one of the oldest man-made materials around!

100% handcrafted

Every single pothead is unique handmade piece done by local artisans.

 A home for your plants

Give your house plants a cosy place to call home

There is something magical about turning a humble piece of raw material into a beautiful artwork! Everyone of our pots are unique and handcrafted. Our clay is obtained from the Portuguese mountains and is 100% recyclable.

Designed in Amsterdam, crafted in Portugal

Patty Pot

Olá! My name is Patty and I'm from the valleys of Portugal where my clay is sourced high up in the Northern mountains. I'm always preoccupied with either drinking port wine by the water or grabbing a pastel de nata from the local bakery. I'd be the perfect friend to add to your urban jungle!




Lya Pot

Hola! I’m Lya and I come from the land of the cactus plant! Your plants will never get bored with me because I'm always cooking up a Mexican food feast and a shot of tequila now and then never hurts! 


Big size


Our Potheads

Giving your plants attitude

Let's up your #plantshelfie game

We are on a mission to bring upgrade your favourite houseplant with pots of all sizes and personality


Stories on the joy of plants & ceramics

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