Ceramic Face Planters

Plant pots that give your houseplants attitude. Hand-crafted and shipped to your front door.

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A leafy love affair

Plant Potheads started from a leafy love affair with our houseplants. We love the feeling of a new leaf unfurling from the monstera or when roots shoot out from the Pilea we’ve been propagating.

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A realisation in plants

Through caring for our urban jungle, we came to realise that different plants have different characteristics and attitudes. This sparked the idea of giving a face to our green friends!

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Natural earthenware

Ceramics are one of the oldest man-made materials around and consists of naturally occuring raw materials. Our clay is obtained from the Portuguese mountains and is 100% recyclable.

Handcrafted locally in Portugal

All our pieces are handcrafted, rustic and original, that’s why no two pots are the same!

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Our pots can be conveniently shipped to your home address by regular postal services. The shipping is free worldwide!


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